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Dr Hanieh Mimeh MBBS BSc graduated from Imperial College School of Medicine with multiple distinctions, she holds full GMC registration and is registered as a Cosmetic Doctor with the British Collage of Aesthetic Medicine. She is also a member of the British Medical Association.

She is running cosmetic clinics all day every SATURDAY



Lemoge Beauty Clinc

57 Salusbury road, London NW6 6NJ


TO BOOK with Dr HANA please call this branch on

0207 624 7585 or 0207 624 3040


First Consultation is FREE.

Additional consultations thereafter will be charged at £50 per session.

Prices start from:


BOTulism TOXin injection



One area £100

Two areas £170

Three areas £220



(Men have greater muscle mass and will require additional drug and are therefore charged a slightly greater price.)


One area £130

Two areas £190

Three areas £250

FILLERS (Juvederm ultra)


LIPS enlargement

£200(1 syringe) £300(2 syringes)


SMILE lines

£200(1 syringe) £300(2 syringes)


CHEEK enlargement

£250(1 syringe) £450(2 syringes)

SCULPTRA (“Liquid Face Lift”)


It stimulates the body to produce new collagen at the sites of injection, replacing lost volume to restore a fuller, more youthful appearance lasting up to 24 months. The product is ordered and prepared for individual patient in advance and nonrefundable deposit must be paid.


Full face treatment:

One vial £450 Two vials £650

Non-surgical Mini Thread lift


The Mini-Threads are made from polydioxanone and are implanted by inserting multiple small needles carrying the threads inside. The needles are then removed and the thread is left under the skin. The implantation of the mini-threads stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and creates a network of support under the skin. This results in visible lifting and stimulates skin rejuvenation, improving elasticity, wrinkles and loose skin. Effects last 6-18months.


Full face treatment typically costs £800. However partial treatment is also possible.


For more information please download our Q&A sheet: mini-thread.docx


£350 (1 syringe)£550 (2syringes)


Immediately replenishes lost volume and stimulates the production of your own natural collagen for results lasting up to 24 months. Can be used for smile lines, cheek volumization and other facial wrinkles.

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